There are more than 600 million websites on the net. Think about that for a second. Think about the team that worked behind those sites to make it as it is now. Sure there are a lot of clunky ones out there, poorly optimized to increase user experience. But there are also heaping amounts that are slick-looking, smooth, and just plain awesome.

Most of these engaging elements you see on a well-developed website were clocked in by web designers, which also happen to be one of two of our main forte.

Hi, we’re the UK Type, a site created for providing content to our readers regarding typography and design.

What you can expect from us:

  • Latest news about our niche
  • Tips and tricks to get you started
  • Deeper knowledge about web design
  • Current trends
  • How to market your skills, and anything related regarding typography and web design

There are a lot of great web designers out there; people that can create and improve sites that run smoothly on all devices. And that is what’s important now: ensuring that what you’re working on is ahead of its time.

Web design is so dynamic that it changes just on the course of months.  Always remember that as a web designer you have to possess a broad and deep understanding of what your audience wants. Yes, there is no one-size fits-all mechanics when it comes to this niche but there is a consistent – well, more or less – pattern that everyone is following.

And among those patterns are trend.

I bet you can tell me what the current trend on web design right now. If you’ve answered mobile devices, you’re right on the money.

But as we’ve said, this niche is dynamic. What is popular now may be lose its touch in the coming months or years. That’s why we try our best to make content as up-to-date and as current as possible to ensure that our readers aren’t consuming something that is already becoming obsolete.

Our articles here will vary from the ground up. That means what we’ll offer you can sometimes tread the rudimentary to the complex. Of course we’ll try to explain the latter as simple as possible. Web design, after all, is communication through visual cues. And visual cues are as simple as you’d get.

There is also the matter of how web designers market their skills. We’ve seen a lot of talented people sell themselves short. Don’t. But also make sure you’re not pricing too much. Confusing, I know, but you’ll have to read our pieces on it if you’re really interested.

Obviously we’re going to talk about more topics that are mentioned above. Those are just previews on what we offer here at UK Type.

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