Typography as a central role of modern design is experiencing its big comeback in the web design industry. There are several quite popular typographical trends being widely used among designers and everyone dealing with this area should study them and explore the typography as rather powerful design weapon. It is understood that typography has a dominant effect in the way text and message itself will appeal to the reader, but typography can also be the majority of the total page design. According to the most popular use of typography among web designers, these are some trends in design expected to be popular in future.

Experiment with extremes

Designers worldwide are using small and large typography to gain the influence of the text and message in rather a simple way. Push the size to unexpectedly large or focus reader’s attention by using the remarkably small font. Both are extremely effective just in two different ways. Large font or typefaces rely on “drop a bomb” effect. Using fonts larger than 85 points in an obvious disproportion compared to the rest of the design elements on the page will create the impression of the message being stated loud. Some designer pushes the technique to the end and use large font expanded over the entire screen. On the other hand, small letters may have equally loud and powerful effect. When experimenting with small letters, you have to be careful not to lose the text among other elements of design and the general advice is to use significant space between types to make it look steady and dominant.

Join text and photos

The traditional concept of combining text and images as two separate elements is being transformed into a more flexible model with no strict limits between these two. It’s becoming quite popular to impose text over the image in such manner to send the powerful message while preserving the effect of both entities. It takes subtle feeling for shades and details to merge picture and text in this manner without losing the text or image or making visual noise as a result.

Focus your creativity onto typography

Pick a relatively recluse background and then make something exceptional using simple letters. Remodel, redesign, shape them as you wish, concentrate all your creativity onto simple font and make typography stand out as a design per se. This approach can bring amazing solutions, but it requires authentic ideas, paying attention to the legibility of the text and being ready to take risks.

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