bottle art

There are so many things to do with glass bottles and jars. They can be made into fun, beautiful crafts for children or adults. Glass containers such as frappuccino drink bottles, and spaghetti jars, baby food jars and olive oil jars are perfect for making artistic crafts that make beautiful gifts or relaxing visual items.

Oil Magic using Glass Bottles and Jars

• Glass jar or bottle
• Baby oil
• Water
• Food coloring

Any glass bottle or jar will do as long as it has a screw on lid. Simply pour water in the glass container, and drop some food coloring in the water. Mix that up, and then pour the baby oil to fill the rest of the container. Use hot glue around the inside of the lid, and screw on. The lid can be painted beforehand with spray paint, or simply covered with fabric and ribbon for a finished look.

It is so easy and inexpensive to make these art pieces, yet one could look at them for hours. They are so relaxing to swish around, and watch. When shaken, bubbles form, and then pop slowly. Children can help with this craft too, and are always amazed at the effects.

Chalk and Salt Sand Art with Glass Containers

• Chalk
• Salt
• Glass jar
• Funnel

To make sand art with colored chalk and salt, the chalk needs to be ground up, one can use a Ziploc bag, and mallet, or scrape the chalk into powder with a spoon. This creates the coloring for the sand. Then the salt can be mixed in and it looks like pastel sand. Layering different colors in jars using funnels is easy, and skewers or pencils can be poked down the sides to make dips and designs in the sand.

The glass container must be tamped down fairly often to make the contents settle. Simply pound the jar on the table or floor, to force the contents to settle. This will help fill the glass container as full as it can go. If not, the sand will settle later, and shake around in the jar.

Beads, Flowers, Glitter for Glass Jars or Bottles

• Shampoo or shower gel for flower craft
• Corn syrup and water for the snow globe craft
• Beads, silk flowers, small party toys
• Glitter, confetti shapes

Fill Jar with shampoo or shower gel, and pour glitter and shapes in. Use a skewer or other long object to slowly stir the glitter and confetti shapes into the gel. Carefully poke silk flowers or other small items into the shampoo or gel at different levels. The gel will be thick enough to keep the items in place. Hot glue the jar lid on.

Water and corn syrup can be used to create a glittery snow globe effect. The corn syrup will cause the glitter and confetti fall at a slow pace. Fill bottle with half water, and half corn syrup, and then add whatever glittery item is desired.

Discovery Jars and Cereal Sand Art Bottles

• Uncooked rice
• Small toys and objects
• Colored cereal for the sand art
• Ziploc bag
• Rubber mallet or other item to smash cereal
• Funnel if needed

One easy activity to do with a jar or bottle is to make a Discovery jar. Choose fun little objects to be discovered, like dice, tiny cars, pennies, etc. Fill bottle or jar with uncooked rice, and then add the objects. As the jar is turned over, new objects will surface. Rice can be dyed using food coloring, and also glitter can be added to the jar to make sparkles.

For the Cereal Sand Art Jar, use colored cereal, such a Fruit Loops, or other fun colored cereal. Children love this craft because as they sort out the colors and make the craft, they can eat the supplies. The cereal needs to be sorted into Ziploc bags, and then smashed with fists or a rubber mallet. Then each color can be funneled into the container just like other sand art crafts. Again, tamping is important to help the sand settle.

There are so many options for making pretty art with glass jars and bottles. Each craft is quick and easy, and uses fairly inexpensive materials. It is a great way to reuse that pretty glass bottle that would otherwise be tossed in the trash or recycle bin.

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