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We are a dynamic lot here in the UKType. We pride ourselves on that. There’s something in us that doesn’t sit well to sticking to the tried and rutted road. We like to explore. We like to step out our comfort zone. Whether it’s our work related or personal, change is something we embrace.

This is one of those times. Today, we’re going to tread away from our usual path and talk about something else. It’s still related to web design, but on a minuscule scale.

Traveling Nerds

Traveling nerds, or, as some have come to dub them, digital nomads and Location Independent.

If you haven’t heard those terms used before they’re basically people who travel a lot. They’re not on a vacation nor are they on a business trip. It’s a little bit of both.

You see, people chose this lifestyle because they loath the idea of being stuck in a cubicle with a 9-5 desk job. It’s confining, it’s soul-draining, and grinds your will one day at a time – as most would agree who are currently working on that line of occupation.

So they save money for months, look for an online work with a decent pay, pack their bags, and head out into the world. Sounds like fun, isn’t it?

Just imagine. Working while you travel, you’re controlling you own schedule – more or less – and seeing new places and meeting new people. It’s quite the adventure.

Tiring yet Satisfying

Similar to what was mentioned earlier, the first thing you need is money. You can’t just fling yourself to another country with your wallet deflated as a punctured balloon. So save first.

The next thing to do is plan. Scout out the locations you wish to go.

Fortunately for beginners there are already data that’s been compiled by long time nomads detailing the cost, weather, and Wi-Fi connections of places they’ve visited, ranking it from best to worst. The site is called and has been created by Pieter Levels, a digital nomad who’s been living and working nomadically in places like Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, and Manila for two years.

Level also made another website, called RemoteOk, for fellow nomads looking for remote jobs. The site features a lot of work which mostly consists of tech related tasks such as web design, web developer, copywriting, and many others. He made these two sites to encourage people to try the lifestyle and to show them that it’s possible to live in such a way.

Also, prepare yourself for chaos and uncertainty that this life will bring. A lot of nomads admit that they have difficulty adjusting to this nomadic lifestyle, and others who have been at it for years are still on the process of adapting.

But even with the deadlines hounding them, the various country restrictions that they have to familiarize themselves with, and the day to day worries that this lifestyle chucks their way, these nomads will tell you that it’s one of the most rewarding things they’ve done with their life.

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