With some powerful software easy reachable nowadays, the mere procedure of creating a website became simple task even to a layman. However, creating a website as a well-designed construction is not enough. There’s a big difference between creating a website and creating a functional, convenient and user-friendly web page. Since website should be your dynamic and interactive presentation in the online world, you need to have the target group of visitors in mind while designing it. As much as web designing has become simple and reachable to many, too many web designers are still making some typical mistakes. Here’s a brief rundown of some of the most frequent mistakes you should prevent or correct when constructing the web presentation, whether it’s meant to be a business webpage or personal blog.

Clear content and easy navigation

People visit a certain webpage primarily looking for information they are interested in. It’s up to web designer to provide them with an easy to use interface and systematic content, so they don’t waste time wandering around lost and confused. Create logic and intuitive sections, the hierarchy of the content, clear and visible headlines, subheadings and links. Try to organize the total content and material following the assumed trace of thoughts of an average website visitor. Make sure to integrate search option into the page and to cover all the data visitors might find relevant. Clarity in the organization of the content and accessibility of quested information should be two leading policies when creating web page design.

Avoid visual noise

It takes talent and rational approach to the task to find the fine line between lack of information and too much of it. Crowded, chaotic or aggressive front page is repelling. Messy content with too much information, mainly irrelevant information will probably frustrate the visitor. The same goes for too much of visual effects of any kind. Find a way to be moderate, but useful, especially on the front page that should make a great first impression to visitors.

Refresh your content

The primary role of the website is to create positive online communication between you and the visitors and to present the business or a person in the most attractive manner. Visitors want to be regularly updated, entertained occasionally and to keep up with the website. Thus, don’t exaggerate, but refresh the content and some aspect of design relatively often. Keep readers thinking about your page.

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