The fact is that most web designers are focused on colors, combinations of items in the page, photos or other effects and the text is considered to be the “copy from Word and paste on the page” task. Considering that text and all that it says is usually why the website visitors came at the first place to some web address, it should gain a lot more attention itself. It makes typography much more important part of designer’s job than most designers realize. Also, typography can be quite a powerful weapon if used properly. So, here are just some advice, directions, and trick on how to improve your typographic skills and empower your web design significantly.

See through the visitor’s eyes

Show some attention and spend some time with the text included in your web design. The text is more than just another block-item you should place on the page. Read the text as if you were a random website visitor to see it for the first time. Look for potential mistakes, unusual spaces, too long lines and the space surrounding letters. The trick is to keep the sensible visual connection between the text itself and the overall design of the page.

Navigate a reader via micro and macro typography

When a reader sees the page for the first time, some things should catch his attention immediately. Create the overall structure of the text as a block to make a certain impression to a reader. It is what macro typography is all about. Micro typography tricks make sure the text is legible and precise in details, and the creative use of position and size of the text makes it appealing and dominant on the page. It draws attention and directs visitors order of reading.

Careful with color matching

Be aware of a web design model that decreases the visibility of the text. Don’t let your text sink into the background overshadowed by the dominant background color. Some colors simply don’t match due to alarming decrease of legibility of the text.

Think out of “the center.”

Centered text is not just a stiff cliché, but it can also make the page content harder to read. It’s more exhausting to follow the page, and it creates the messy effect at the edges. Stick to the left or at least use the combination of centered and left the aligned text.

Tips above are just a few of many directions for better web design gained through the smart use of typography. Read more for detailed explanations and keep in mind the importance and potential of typography.

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