fonts in scrapbooking

A font conveys the spirit and character of a scrapbook page. It can be whimsical or contemplative, historical or trendy. Certain rules apply when mixing fonts.

Fonts can be installed on a computer so the computer can print using various typefaces. Another way to get different fonts in your scrapbooking layout is to use word art, stamps or alphas. These items are available for both digital and paper scrapbookers.

Tips for Using Typefaces

The first font to choose is the one used for the main title or headline. This font should set the mood for the page, and should go along with the color scheme also. An old fashioned font is suitable for a page about a Great Aunt Martha, and a whimsical, happy font is a good choice for a birthday party.

Some fonts come in only capital letters and some have capital and lower case letters. When using fonts that have intricate shapes or lots of swirls, using capitals only for the first letter of words is best. Intricate shapes are hard to read if all capital letters are used. If the font only comes in capitals, another font should be chosen or the special font can be used for the first letter of each word and a simpler font can be used for the letters after that.

Mixing Fonts

Care should be taken when mixing fonts. Just as it’s best not to wear a striped shirt and plaid pants, some fonts are better not used on the same page.

Some fonts have little parts (strokes or lines) at the ends of the main strokes. These little parts are called serifs, and fonts that have them are called serif fonts. Those that don’t have them are called sans serif fonts. A good rule of thumb is not to mix two serif fonts. A serif and a sans serif font will usually look good together, so a sans serif journaling font would work well on a page with a serif font for the title. The exception to this is when two fonts are in the same family: Times, Times Bold and Times Italic are all in the same family and are meant to be used together, for example.

Then there are fonts that fall into other categories: fancy fonts, script fonts and just plain unusual fonts. Discretion should be used when mixing these on the same page. They tend to compete for attention, since that’s their purpose: attracting attention to themselves.

Ways to Use Computer Fonts in Paper Scrapbooking

When finalizing a scrapbook page layout, titles, word art and journaling add meaning to the page. Digital scrapbookers can add words in any font on their computer. Paper scrappers can have the same option if they have access to a color printer. Titles and word art can be typed on a computer and printed, then trimmed and placed on the scrapbook page. Similarly, journaling can be typed and cut out as a shape that can be added to a scrapbook layout instead of writing it by hand.

Message and Mood

Fonts convey the message of the page by displaying the words of the scrapbooker, and they convey the mood by giving a visual feel to the message. The variety of fonts available gives scrapbookers lots of creative choices when developing their scrapbook layouts.

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