minimalist web design

Why Minimalism’s Popularity Will Not Fade

One of the major rules when it comes to web design is that it’s dynamic. The trends you see today – parallax layouts, dominant headers, ghost buttons, rich background and vibrant photographic content – will fade over time. Or maybe it’s already in the process of being phase out.

However, another rules somewhat contradicts this, and that is the rule of exception. So what is the concept in web design that defies its ever-changing nature? Minimalism. Continue reading

art therapy

Art Therapy to Induce the Healing Process

The essence of true emotional health centers upon life experiences and exploration of emotions related to each experience, yet many of us are encouraged to suppress our feelings from an early age. Studies show that repression of emotion can lead to varying forms of stress which may ultimately result in physical illness. The contradictions between societal pressure to suppress emotion and the human body’s need to release emotion in a healthy way create conflict. Continue reading

fonts in scrapbooking

Using Fonts in Scrapbooking

A font conveys the spirit and character of a scrapbook page. It can be whimsical or contemplative, historical or trendy. Certain rules apply when mixing fonts.

Fonts can be installed on a computer so the computer can print using various typefaces. Another way to get different fonts in your scrapbooking layout is to use word art, stamps or alphas. These items are available for both digital and paper scrapbookers. Continue reading